Hello. I am a mixed media textile artist with a background in print design and fashion.
Themes that keep recurring in my work are: Intuitive craft, design by play and paper cut.

This blog is a collection of my work process.

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inspiring book: 

'both andersen and burroughs were experimental writers with very visual styles'
their drawings, paintings, stencils and paper cuttings are thoroughly intertwined with their texts
-they both created objects influencing consciousness
-Hans Christian Anderson-created four panel screen at the foot of his bed, creating a site onto which to project his thoughts and dreams
-he applied hundreds of cut out printed images across its surfaces and interconnected works
-'like a large, variegated fairytale'
-emotionally driven

W.S.Burroughs: 'my belief that any creative act must include a random factor, because without that you get stale repetition'

Anderson's quick cut-outs-strange 'beings' half animal, half human
often grotesque- they resemble mythical or cultical figures from the inuit culture, ancient tribes, sth primal, of Africa, Australia and outer Polynesia, where art, storytelling and mythology have always gone hand in hand
-among the pleasures of storytelling is the invitation to participate in trying to figure out where a narrative is going to lead us

  figuring out where a narrative is going to lead us
- then figuring out where we have been taken